Career Highlights… Various Productions and Events

Career Highlights… Various Productions and Events.


The Life of an Artist


We start out with dreams hopes and wishes of the innocence of life fulfillment.  We are always looking toward the greater possibilities of the future to be able to express and be given the freedom to just be who we are.  Only to find that the road of wishes is paved with tricks, sticks and stones, and words that hurt false promises and broken hearts.  You labor for the love of yourself only to find that the thirst in your heart can only quenched by the expression given to you.  The road is long and hard.  The love of a dream, to be oneself is all that an artist has.  It is all that artist wants.  A soul that only desires to be oneself is all an artist is.  People always ask me why? What is this love? What do you really seek?  Why continue when the road is so long and hard?  When I can only answer that it’s not what I want, or what I seek, it’s who I am.  Only another artist would understand.  Sometimes I don’t even understand it.


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