Career Highlights… Various Productions and Events

Pilot: Dirtier Than Ever

Najibah Almandi as “Mia”

I was the prom queen in HS. I became a model. The men loved me. I dated nothing but money. However, I crashed living in that fast lane. The streets are no joke. Drugs will ruin your life. The ones that helped destroy my life no longer remember me. Regardless of my path, I am going to survive. I may never bounce back to the throne I once sat, but one thing for sure, I am still a queen. A queen for that rock. Hopefully you will recognize me in DTE because this photo was me years ago when I was special. Can I borrow $20?

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Independent Film: At The Brink


Live Training: AT&T

“The Connected Couple”: Jane

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Discovery ID: Deadly Affairs


Seagrams Gin Calendar Model Search:

Korto Mormolu Show/ Presidential Inauguration Ball

Couture Fashion Week

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Marcus Johnson

21st Amendment, Washington DC

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44 MAXIM april 2012 APRIL 2012



Misplaced Affection:

Lead Role: Mercedes

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